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About WiSI screen

A unique, mobile digital display screen, created to greatly improve, update and standardise the way customer information is presented.  Originally developed for the transport industry (rail and airport) it offers a versatile solution for any setting where a completely wireless and mobile electronic customer information display is required.

WiSI screen is battery operated.  With a sleek modern design, it forms part of a complete system controlled by bespoke software.  This intuitive system enables you to quickly create and control the content that is displayed on its bright 40’’ full HD screen.

Digital Signage

Easy to Use and Versatile

Ready to Go

This sleek mobile digital display screen is delivered fully assembled, with minimal setup and training requirements, it can be rolled straight into action.

Mobile Signage Branding


With flexible design options the WiSI screen can adhere to your branding and/or advertising requirements in a range of applications.


Create your own posters or use pre-designed content, travel information, video clips or real-time service updates. Choose how long each is shown for and in what order.


The WiSI screen content can be quickly updated over the air (4G/3G or WiFi) from anywhere using the bespoke intuitive software developed for the transport industry.


Grab attention with the 40″ HD LED super bright screen seamlessly integrated into a modern, robust design.

Cost and Time Efficient

Charge and Go

Just charge up the battery for 4 hours and this mobile digital display screen will run for 20 hours.


Being fully mobile without wires, it can be placed in the most effective position making customer information unmissable.

Location Friendly

Ideal in heritage sites or in any application where the installation of static display screens would not be permitted. It can even be deployed at unmanned sites.

Efficient & Disruption Free

Being completely wireless, operating as a separate, stand-alone system, minimal project implementation is required, greatly reducing costs and lead times.

Ongoing Maintenance

Met SYSTEMS, the company behind the development of the WiSI screen, offer cost-effective maintenance and service costs when compared to static installations.